A DIY telltale – Part 1

Painting the Pots

The thing about having a bent of mind towards DIY is that whenever you see something bland, your mind gets to work. Continuous mining of ideas to find the perfect design one could fit on that blandness. A torturous state of mind! Until you have finished the task, peace evades you.

So, I had these ceramic pots housing with me for the longest time. Just for the record, I am a big fan of ceramic. Back in the days when I was a slave to consumerism, I used to just buy stuff.

Once, I bought a whole lot of pots because they were cheap. I used these newly bought ceramics all over the house, to store jewellery, like a pen stand, for keeping plants and other stuff. After every new role I endowed on them, I always found some functional disability in their existence. They spent initial years figuring out a place to contribute to the house but their probation period didn’t seem to get over. Finally, I was so fed up with them not fitting anywhere that I put them in the storeroom. That is what happens to things that are bought because of impulsive instinct.

Pots, Colours and Patterns

Recently, when I started the movement of only possessing things that I just need to survive, I started clearing non-living things from life. The most obvious place I started was the storeroom. Hence, I found these pots bundled up in a corner covered in dust. When they realised my presence, all they did was scream out to me about the injustice that was endowed on them. I had deprived them of their life’s purpose by storing them in the storeroom. I felt sad and bad. Then what, the judge’s mind got to work to ensure justice was served. How could I give justice to these small pots and give them a purpose in life?

The picture above will complete the rest of the story.


And they lived happily ever after.

Hammer the Nail

I had got this keyholder a few years back from Happily Unmarried, an Indian brand known for making quirky products. I had used it for a while before the hooks to hold the keys fell off. What was left was a beautiful wooden board with the dilapidated graphics.

Art, inspiration, interior, recycle, DIY, storytelling, story, crafts,
Final Product!

So with a little bit of brainstorming and browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I used the wooden board left behind and converted it into something.

When I kick my creative conscience awake from slumber, reusing old and neglected stuff to create new products is the biggest agendas on the plate and completion serves a sense of satisfaction.

The following pictures depict the process.

art, inspiration, DIY, interior, recycle, DIY, story, storytelling, crafts
The process of giving it a new life.

Footing the MAT

Technology has changed exponentially in the last decade, leaving back waste which if not dealt properly becomes harmful. I have seen technology evolve from a Cassette to Floppy Disk to Compact Disc to Pen Drives to Cloud Storage. With this technological explosion, we have created electronic waste that is vicious and not properly disposed of. I pride over the greed of humans which has taken us in a progressive technological direction, but guilt over the fact that it has not learned to dispose of the e-waste in a correct manner.

Footing the mat

I have been in possession of a few Compact Disc for a long time. Always lying tucked in a corner in the house, they stored photos, movies, songs. They serve no purpose now. I believe giving new purpose to old waste is like creating something new.

Process of making the footmat

So, I got some jute and covered each of them. I used them as coasters for a while but, I have abundant of coasters so the restless mind wanted to do something else. Something more useful. So I got a rectangular piece of fleece and stuck these coasters on the fleece, converting it into a foot-mat. It needs regular maintenance but it looks cute next to the 2 seaters couch in the house.

The following series of photos shows reinventing the electronic waste into aesthetically pleasing regular day things.

Location in the house

Now they have found new aim and purpose in life.

Bubbly Bulb Affair

‘Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.’

bulbs, DIY, interior, crafts, inspiration, recycle, interior, art, home, decor,story, story telling
Being a Kid again!

When you are doing a house, lighting is a very essential component in the interior design. Lighting can kill the plan or can make the plan. Visual perception is the deal maker and lighting plays a really important role in it.

The lighting in the house was yellow. So I took a few coluors and splashed on the bulbs. No planning or design. Just being a kid again resulted in really visually beautiful stories.

Pressed Flowers

A few years ago, I found these intriguing coloured roses tucked in a corner of the grocery store. I was startled by the colours, there were no second thoughts but a purchase. I displayed them in a vase for some time. When they started drying up, I decided I should press them in a book and preserve the weird colours forever.

crafts, diy, interior, recycle, inspiration, book pressed roses, story, home decor, story telling
Multicoloured roses

Usually, flowers pressed between books are forgotten entities. They serve as delightful known but yet unknown gifts years down the lane. While shifting apartment, I re-found these flowers. What happened next is narrated in the series of following pictures.

crafts, diy, interior, recycle, inspiration, book pressed roses, story, home decor, story telling
The process of how the dried roses came about into a wall hanging.

Naming the Door

Any work is creative work if done by a thinking mind’ – Ayn Rand

art, craft, inspiration, interior, paint, DIY, Storytelling, story, doorart
Fixing the Alphabets
art, craft, inspiration, interior, paint, DIY, Storytelling, story, doorart
Pulak Saumya: 26-134

How I created the nameplate? I am not sure if there is a process to my thoughts but I knew one thing, I wanted to use the silver plate somewhere in the composition. I got the plate from my trip to Morocco. These plates are used for serving mint tea around the country.

Consequently, in the chaos of my thoughts, I remembered seeing the cut-out alphabets in Art friend. I bought them, painted them. I played around with the plate and alphabets to find a visually fitting proportion. After enough toying around, I eventually did find a visually satisfying proportion for them to go up on the door. Then what, the whole composition is on the entrance door of my house.

art, craft, inspiration, interior, paint, DIY, Storytelling, story, doorart
The Door

The End.

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