What! Travel Blogger!

Travel Bloggers! You read them! You follow them! You love them! You want to be them! You would trade life with them! They are the ones who develop the pursuits of perfect photo clicking spots and then people are literally chasing those perfect pictures.

This is the simple story of how I wanted to be one of them. I thought the job description required clicking pictures while I am travelling and writing opinions. What a dream! Every travel, I tried and failed miserably. It took me quite a few trips to accept that I couldn’t care less to take a perfect picture on a beach in Thailand because all I wanted to do was throw my watermelon beach blanket on a beach, take a dip, nap, take a dip, drink mango juice, nap, eat food, nap, take a dip and watch the sunset. As much as I enjoyed myself on the trip, I winded up being a bit disappointed as to how I never did any work to my dream of being a travel blogger.

After a few failed attempts, I accepted this was not my cup of tea and not even my dream. It was just a passing fad. It is okay if travelling is not my passion and just a recreation outlet and it is okay if you make money via 9 to 5 job to splurge on these recreational activites.

Although, I had opinions, I am human at the end of the day. Judging is an inherent nature to our species. I kept on looking around for a way to rant about my travel. I wanted to talk about how good/bad my experience was on that Thailand beach. How good/shit I felt. What a self centred thought but I had one and retrospectively I would do nothing to fulfill it except dream. Still, I am an opinionated millenial and I can’t live in peace if I have not made my voice heard and gained some attention.

In search of this path, I tumbled upon Local Google Guide program run by the great GOOGLE. In a nutshell, you can review all the places visited on the google maps platform. It was easy and the end result was somewhat parallel to the results travel bloggers achieve in their job. In this one, I had to vomit and google daddy will take care of the rest.

A passing fad, today has become a reminscing log for me. The contributions behave as a personal diary of experiences. A lot of nostalgia. I have redefined the travel blogging life dream for myself, and I have to say I am completely enjoying myself.

Until one day the google algorithms suspended my Local Guide account. Supposedly, they kicked me out of the program because I violated one of their policies. Ugh! I wasn’t aware of what policy I had violated. They just suspended it because the algorithm thought so! I wasn’t informed, until, one day I realised my achievements were not visible. I am not sure which policy was violated but they refused to clarify. I read through the policies and I think it might be because I might have written the same review about two starbucks or Din Tai Fung outlets but the thing with these chains CONSISTENCY ACROSS OUTLETS IS THE KEY. How do I explain this to a bot? I am just wild guessing the cause but they sabotaged my dream. Arghhhhhh! Sorry for being over dramatic! I spent hours of my life doing this and no second chances or justification. That sounded like human resources department from the 1960’s.

Anyway, I might not be part of the Local Guide program but my contributions remain intact on the google maps. Please find them on the following link and get a sneak peek into my life experiences presented in the most crudest form.  Google Maps Contributions!

The End

5 Replies to “What! Travel Blogger!”

  1. Two million plus views! This is definitely a biggie. I too have been scaling between my blog and Google Local Guide in recent months and at level 6, I got invited to a California conference but thanks to Covid-19 it had to be cancelled.
    Contributing and helping people locate places is sometimes more impactful than writing broad reviews.


    1. Thanks for your comments! I just write for my own fun. I hope your blog and google guide journey does big for you. It is an awesome news that you were invited to California. Maybe, you can apply again next year.


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