A Thought Process!

” A major stimulant to creative thinking is focused questions – Brian Tracy “

Your first house buy is always a momentous achievement. The steps you take to make it a home is a BIG BIG project. Just like other millenial commoners, we also wanted the place to reflect our personality with functionality and comfort as key pillars. Post this decision came restriction. We were definitely not going baroque or grand but something humble and open. Such descriptions are very difficult to give to interior designers. They can go a bit off track and sometimes too much.

So we kind of took the reins in our hands. My partner and I sat down and brainstormed our needs and every possible functional usage in a house was listed down. As mentioned earlier, functionality, was under the ground infrastructure for every design inspiration. Post this a theme was to be overlayed the infrastructure and I did an old school mood board. It came out as a visual chaos, so the theme was circled around it.

The sequence of below pictures reflects the process of thinking we went through while doing the first draft of brainstorming and planning.

1. Design Philosophy – Chaos (Mood Board)

2. Floor Plan – Starting of “Joining the dots” game

3. Brainstormed our functional needs and post maintenance requirements.

This is the juncture in our brainstorming where we came up with the decision that having a sofa centred living room is not ideal for our lifestyle. Hence, we exiled the Sofa concept in our design.

4. Consequently, we fitted our functional needs into every room, as if we were doing a puzzle.

5. After all the above planning, the most crucial coefficient was planning the light around the house. Our focus was to include ceiling fans in all rooms to reduce our usage of the air conditioner.

More to come in upcoming blogs!

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