Audio to Visual

It is a simple story. The guitar lived a long life. It travelled places. It changed hands, love and many strings.


Q. How long has it been since you decided to retire?

It has been around 6 months since I retired. It took me some time to adjust to the fact that I will no longer be playing music. As they say #retirementwithdrawl. As time progressed, I have come to believe everything happens for good. I am in a pretty good spot. I am totally enjoying retirement.

Q. What all places did your journey called life take you?

I am a domesticated guitar. Mostly amateurs have played me but I did travel and changed ownership. A guy called ‘C’ bought me to be a part of the fad of impressing girls by playing guitar. His interest died as fast as he had picked it up. This was in Bangalore. Then a girl called ‘S’ took over me. She took me to Goa and then Bombay. Time with her was good. She shifted to Singapore so due to luggage constrains she dropped me in Lucknow. She never played, she tried but her fingers were very tiny for me. She always had me, so that when friends came over, someone could play. I enjoyed living with her. My Lucknow is quite a blur. The dust and claustrophobia took over me and I was ill mostly. Then one fine day ‘S’ came back and brought me to Singapore with her. My first international trip! Rest is history. I have been part of all the Hakuna Matata parties. Also, all those late nights where eventually one person would start strumming and then it was just music.

I found lot of friends in her new house. There is a Djembe, Cajon, Harmonica. Sometimes other guitars also visit. Life is good.

Q. Who has produced best music on you?

‘A’, the lead guitarist of Deccan Trip.


Q. Your favourite genre of music? The song you love getting played on yourself

Nice sing-along acoustic songs. I don’t have a favourite as such. Any one who knows how to play the chord and not break. I love making people swing

Q. The Best moment in life?

Right now, looking back at my life makes me feel really good about myself.

Q. How is life post-retirement?

Life is good. It is comfortable. I have all my friends and I live in an amazing home. Post retirement, I finally got a wall and guitar stand of my own. So it is great!

Q. Your take on the new look?

I think it is quite intriguingly interesting. The cork arrangement is amazing. I feel like I was born again with a new purpose. A purpose, I had never imagined in my wildest dream.

Guitar Progress

Q. What plans for future?

I have lost one of my strings but still music is left in me if you strum. With a lot of added visual appeal, I just want to relax and admire the beauty of life. It has been a long life.

The End.

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