Strategy: Breath of Life

I am a yoga practitioner and a corporate life enthusiast. I enjoy the time in both the phases of my life. Weekdays, I live the corporate, striving to ensure my job is delivering effective results. Weekends, I am doing and teaching yoga. After living a combination of both the lives, I have come up with a theory.

Every company needs a strategy and vision. Vision is like having the capability of breathing for a human. No breathing, no oxygen and we are no more than a non-living thing. Breathing gives us life, energy for all our organs to execute their respective jobs efficiently. Similarly, a strategy acts as the breath of an organisation. It gives the employees a vision of the path of progression. In situations of doubt, a pillar to align their decision making.

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Strategy formulation

Just like in a human body every organ plays a vital role but the essence of life is the breath we take. Similarly, all the different verticals play an important role in the running of an organisation but what would the engineers develop if they don’t know what to develop. I believe the strategy to a company is equivalent to breathing for a human being. If we don’t breathe we die eventually. Same is with a company without a strategy. I have seen companies lacking the above and the unsustainable path they are trodden. Whereas a company with a clear view of their strategy might have pitfalls but will know how to stand up and learn the jump for the next pit in line.

Without a breath, we are nothing more than a dead body. Similarly, without a strategy, a business is nothing more than a never solving puzzle.

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