The Story of stolen coasters

‘Cheers’, it was my first. I was not used to this social norm. I was new and still learning the ways. I think everyone around me was new. We were life virgins, finally out of our parents care. Grooving our Sexy backs to Justin Timberlake and still figuring out what all music genres were in existence. This is pre-Facebook era. I mean Facebook existed but I think you needed an official college registered e-mail id to sign up. So people made plans face to face. We still bought sims which had unlimited messages free.

Coming back to the social gathering, drinking beer like the girls on those pop numbers was such a cool feeling. I felt like Lindsay Lohan from Mean girls fitting into the new life. This life had no rules. I could do anything which did not involve getting myself raped or killed.


We drank our liver out. How did we reach home is for we will have to locate the auto guy to learn the story but we were home safe. Few passed out in the washroom, few stripped naked on their bed because they just realised becoming a stripper could be a probable option.

Next morning when I was nursing my hangover, looking for intactness of my belonging. I discovered a coaster from last night. What made me pick it up is still a mystery. I haven’t been able to solve it. Over time I realised the functionality of the amazing coaster. It saved my table from annoying water rings and it was a really quirky thing to own in a design college. Hence began the story of keeping one coaster from every drinking night. Now, they are not just coasters but memories of innumerable drinking nights. A collection which is priceless and usually opens it wings when there is a house party and saves all my furniture from spills and water rings. 🙂 An OCD is served.


If you find any interesting coasters, please feel free to contribute.

The End.

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