Footing the Mat

Technology has changed exponentially in the last decade, leaving back waste which if not dealt properly becomes harmful. I have seen technology evolve from a Cassette to Floppy Disk to Compact Disc to Pen Drives to Cloud Storage. With this technological explosion, we have created electronic waste which is vicious and not properly disposed. I pride over the greed of humans which has taken us in a progressive technological direction, but guilt over the fact that it has not learned to dispose of the e-waste in a correct manner.

Footing the mat

I have been in possession of a few Compact Disc for a long time. Always lying tucked in a corner in the house, they stored photos, movies, songs. They serve no purpose now. I believe giving new purpose to old waste is like creating something new.

So, I got some jute and covered each of them. I used them as coasters for a while but, I have abundant of coasters so the restless mind wanted to do something else. Something more useful. So I got a rectangular piece of fleece and stuck these coasters on the fleece, converting it into a foot-mat. It needs regular maintenance but it looks cute next to the 2 seaters couch in the house.

The following series of photos shows reinventing the electronic waste into aesthetically pleasing regular day things.

Process of making the footmat
Location in the house

Now they have found new aim and purpose in life.

The End.

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