Hammer the Nail

I had got this key holder a few years back from Happily Unmarried, an Indian brand known for making quirky products. I had used it for a while before the hooks to hold the keys fell off. What was left was a wooden board with the dilapidated graphics.

Art, inspiration, interior, recycle, DIY, storytelling, story, crafts,
Installation on the wall

So with a little bit of brainstorming and browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I used the wooden board left behind and converted it into something. I don’t have a name for something but I did something with the something.

When I kick my creative conscience awake from slumber, reusing old and neglected stuff to create new products is the biggest agendas on my plate. Following pictures depict the process.

art, inspiration, DIY, interior, recycle, DIY, story, storytelling, crafts
The process of giving it a new life.

The End.

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