Bangkok – The City of Indulgence

Disclaimer — This blog post is not about things you should do in Bangkok. There are a lot of to-do list available on the internet. Just google them. This is an opinion about the experiences the city offers or offered me.

Bangkok – ‘The City of Indulgence’. You will usually find me using we because I travel with my husband. For us, travelling is an activity common to both.

Advise – When visiting a city, as a tourist the first thing to look for is your spot. With big cities like Bangkok, one needs to experience the city by living the grind of the city, but the hack to being touristy is by picking the right activities to indulge. In today’s time, information is available in abundance. Hence, before going to any city, please google and make a list of things that would interest you in the city. Once the list is ready, split it into three segments.
1. Must to do
2. If time and procrastination permits we will try doing it.
3. Not at all interested.
I believe that I cannot do everything. A signature photograph at every place is not my agenda but stories and opinions are.)

Bangkok is chaotic. A developed — third world city. A city which is still figuring out itself. It is a culmination of cultures from all over the world. It is indicative from the different cuisines on offer in the city. One of the expat-friendly cities in the world.

Bangkok is one of world’s top tourist destination. It is cheap, indulgent and crazy. The question is how is it indulgent, cheap and crazy? The best retail therapy for anything from clothes to electronics to homeware. It is the one and the only kind of retail therapy, which doesn’t burn a big hole in your pocket for the quantity you shop. People shop as if everything is free. I love shopping but I think after visiting Bangkok, I am scared of this variety of retail therapy. Once you are tired of all the cheap indulgence, time to relax. Ohh!! there are a variety of ways to relax. Clean massages to happy ending massages. All are available to calm all your senses. Clean Thai massages are amazing and relaxing.

In life do you have any of your sexual desires still unfulfilled? Keep them on hand and book a flight to Bangkok. Maybe that is why you end up seeing so many granduncles roaming with young Asian girls on the street of Bangkok. I know this is a judgmental comment but it is a fact. Actually, if I look beyond this judgmental view, it is not just the rekindled sexual desires but the loneliness that these people have in their heart. The curse of old age.

This place is sheer indulgence in food. So all your sins of gluttony can be satiated with the food therapy available in the city. When we hit Bangkok, the first thing we did was eating. We knew there itself, food indulgence is a must. I feel I have been scarred for life especially with respect to Thai food. If you have to eat Thai you have to eat it in Thailand. Discovery about food being different between north and south Thailand was another learning and point to explore on the trip.

We were not keen on seeing historical monuments this time. We wanted to experience the present than the past. Hence, we didn’t visit any of the sightseeing places.The icing on top of this was the availability of coconuts everywhere. Drink it up whenever you can.

If Bangkok was a human, the sheer indulgence it offers will be its character.

Our trip was a small relaxed one. Our itinerary was eating, massage, sleep, pool, shop, pool, massage, night market, eat, massage, sleep, eat, pool, massage, shop, eat, massage until we had to say bye bye to Bangkok.

I am going to go back to Bangkok because I feel it deserves more time.

The End.


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